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Donations & Initiatives 

We believe in providing opportunities for the advancement of knowledge to individuals in our community.

We believe in providing the supportive culture for networking and sharing of ideas.

We believe our attitudes and behaviors emulate our passion for learning and work, our perseverance in the face of challenges and gratification of relationship development among peers.

We believe in diversity and encourage tolerance. 

Application Eligibility:

  • Must apply formally using form

  • Your event is at least six weeks from application date

  • Your request is for fundraising purposes only

Our Values


2019 Weyburn Oilwomen POE Presentation_e
2019 Weyburn Oilwomen POOE Presentation_

The Weyburn Oilwomen believe strongly in the empowerment of women and feel the best way to accomplish this is through higher education.  By supporting women's post secondary goals locally, we are able to help our community have great leaders, which is why we felt it was important to support any post secondary course as well as those pursuing careers in the oil & gas industry.

This year we added to our yearly SERC Scholarships and added two Scholarship awarded to graduates of Weyburn Comprehensive School.    

2019 Comp Scholarship.jpg
2019 Comp Scholarship.jpg
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